Young designer development society: encounter professional challenges and puzzles? Not afraid, I hav


Recently, China's first professional design industry think-tank, the youth designer Development Association (YDAA), was formally established in Beijing. Then a tour of 27 cities was opened. The emergence of young designers' Development Association is closely related to the challenges faced by young Chinese designers, and the challenges and puzzles that they need to solve.

The stable development of China's economy, especially the continuous prosperity of the real estate market, has brought great opportunities and challenges for the design industry. The professionalism and personalization of customer design needs to be strengthened. Designers must have more comprehensive professional and cross-border knowledge, and at the same time, deepen and develop their professional and professional culture. However, due to lack of management and design industry service standards, lack of system of continuing education, leading them in restricting the development of the industry but also allow designers to personal occupation development road feel confused, even cause the majority of designers do not know how to solve the related problems encountered and confused, not to mention timely and thorough to solve. At this point, the designer's personal career development is in trouble and even stagnated.

The root cause of the above problems is the lack of systematic design education and consultation in China. As a breakthrough point, improving related education and consulting services is the key to solve the problem. It is under the current social and industrial background of China that the youth designer development society should be born. The establishment of society can not only help China interior design industry and designers breakthrough facing development difficulties, but also through to complete intelligence service system, management, prevent and reduce the occurrence of future designers hinder development, occupation and specialization of the problem solved in the future development of the industry -- the core of young designers fundamentally. To protect the industry healthy development.

The young designers' development society aims to provide systematic design education for Chinese interior designers, help them break through their professional limitations, cope with the challenges of interior design industry and meet customer needs. Learn to Tsinghua University, Politecn Milan, the international architectural and interior designer alliance (IFI), the integration of domestic and foreign scholars and experts in education resources, to create "help the designer inspired design mind, professional development platform anchor design behavior", to help a designer to better realize their value, harvest industry and consumers respect, and truly achieve "enjoy the design, enjoy life".

Learn to help every young designer step out of their own design path and focus on providing system solutions for young designers in the process of growth. Because the young designer is China interior design is the key to the future of the industry, the industry's long-term and sustainable development, is the heritage of Chinese culture and promote the backbone of Chinese design to the international, for them to solve practical problems, remove obstacles to development, to create a platform for growth, it is the original intention and the establishment of society responsibility.

Where there is demand, there is service. The development of young designers should grow and meet their needs. The emergence of young designers is the result of the development of the times and the industry. It is also the need for the development of the times and the industry as well as the guarantee.