Formaldehyde rapid test for you to create environmental home


Formaldehyde, which has been known as the "No. 1 killer" of indoor pollution, has a great impact on human health. And in the home market, the "zero formaldehyde" flag of the products abound, making it difficult for consumers to judge. So is there such an experiment that can quickly detect formaldehyde?

Two kinds of results of four kinds of plates were quickly measured by experiments.

Two kinds of results of four kinds of plate for formaldehyde rapid detection agent

It is known that formaldehyde fast detection agent is developed by the research team of Jiangsu Jin Man science and Technology Co., Ltd., and it can quickly detect whether the plate contains formaldehyde. In order to make the small editor more intuitively aware of the detection methods and detection principles, Shen Caiping, a senior engineer, carried out a full range of experiments.

Shen engineer to remove the E1 plates, bean sheet, finger board and fresh branches of four plates, the first set of experiments was E1 grade plate and two kinds of beans rubber sheet, first in the plate coated with four formaldehyde fast detecting agent, squeeze from the air inside the sealed bag, seal sealing, put with the fire heating 1 minutes into the microwave oven, then waiting for the results of the experiment, and the finger board and fresh branches are to be tested by using the same method.

The experiment results show that the E1 plate and the finger board of the liquid is yellow, beans and fresh rubber tree is no color, because the reagent itself is colorless, according to the principle of color, once generated yellow means sheet contains formaldehyde, and no color also means that does not contain formaldehyde in sheet material.a