Children's furniture fires in the two - child age


As the "two - child" policy has been fully liberalized, more and more families have welcomed new members, which is followed by a change in the household pattern. In our city, every home seller found that children's furniture brand, operating area have increased.

Two children to change the household pattern of a family to add a child, the change in the home environment is a matter to be considered. For many 80 and post-90s "New Dad", "new mother", home style is personalized, diversification is a new home decoration must be considered when the problem.

In the afternoon of May 21st, in a home selling field in Xinfu District, the reporter met Zhang Feng husband and wife who was picking up children's furniture. Zhang Feng's home in the city of the city of the city, two rooms and one hall only a child room. With the two treasure growing up, it is no longer suitable for Zhang Feng's husband and wife to live together, so the couple plan to buy a high and low bed, so that they can live in two children. "I think it's a good choice to change furniture when it is not realistic to change the house." Zhang Feng said.

In an interview with the author found that the children before Home Furnishing are sold separately, and often result in overall Jiezhuang style is not uniform, with children's furniture market becomes hot, the influx of businesses, some adult furniture making businesses also joined them, so the study, living room, bedroom, children room furniture, can be a brand customization. The decoration style will be more harmonious.

The multi-functional children furniture is popular in the furniture exhibition hall of each brand, and the various shapes and sizes of the bed are placed in the most remarkable position, which is very noticeable. "A single second child" policy, to our shop to ask many people to use children's furniture more than a lot, especially high and low bed sales more obvious. The guide of a national chain home seller said in an interview.

In addition to the use of children's furniture, multi-functional children's furniture is also concerned. Children in bed, with a storage space with desk and so on, all the children of the housing space saving a good helper, "Tim" plan for many families, in children with limited room "crowding out" more space is a pressing matter of the moment.

Whether consumers care about environmental protection or not, many young parents who choose to buy children furniture are interviewed by reporters. They generally believe that no matter how novel the style is, how bright the color is, the first factor to consider when choosing furniture is environmental protection.

Home district Wanghua District academy, Cheng Xinran told reporters: "the child's immunity is low, if you buy the furniture formaldehyde exceed the standard, it will affect the child's physical health. The thing to use for the children is so careless. " In order to find the environmentally friendly children's furniture, Cheng Xin has been selected for two weeks, almost all of the city's home stores.

The industry to remind consumers to buy furniture, children must choose the regular brand, choose the low price of the product, because the formaldehyde behind the ultra low price often hidden high amount of child health.